2018 - Branding, naming, system

Parabox is a team of scholars and consultants that work with educational institutions, governments, companies and civil society organizations. It combines social and academic research with creative thinking and the transformation of institutions

We helped Parabox with the whole development of the identity of the brand in its verbal and visual dimensions.

The name is a neologism inspired in the word Paradox, that combines the greek element παρα [para], which means “at one side of” with the english word “box”.
We can think out of the box. But also within the box or at the side of it. We transform the box.

We developed a logo, an icon and a new graphic language able to express in a unique way such a peculiar identity. We also participated in the definition of the most important verbal assests, as the name, mission and vision. The icon and the logo both reflect an intelligent and creative brand. It is all about thinking outside the box. Not without the box or independently of it, but opening it.

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