2018 - Branding, naming, system

Azell helps institutions to make their business scalable, adapt to new media, find the best customers and exponentiate their growth curve. As a Gazella Dorcas, Azell is agile, adaptable, innovative, strong and capable of growing sales when the environment becomes difficult.

Working in this project involved the challenge of developing a language that combined professionalism with innovation, scalability with stability, and technology with a human touch.

The name came out from the need to make the company speak a language of movement and fast action, but at the same time of experience and solidity. “Azell” is apheresis of the English word “Gazelle”, and contains within the verb of sales: to sell.

The slogan speaks directly and bluntly: Scaling business

The icon stares confidently to its goals. The combination of black and green is fast, modern, concrete and professional.

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