Philosophy + Design


Daniel Capri

With more than 10 years of experience, Daniel Capri has worked as a designer, creative director and brand consultant for different agencies and studios in Mexico and the United States, where he has led teams and branding projects for companies all around the globe. He has been pursuing some other creative endeavours such as illustration and music.
Creative director —Designer

Diego I. Rosales

Diego I. Rosales collaborates with companies in the creation of their brand identity from the development of their verbal assets. Specialized in Philosophy of Personal Identity, he is also an editor, writer, and professor at Tec de Monterrey. He is the author of the book Anthropology of Desire (Madrid, 2020) and a member of the National System of Researchers (Conacyt)
Verbal Director —Philosophy PHD

Our style


Each brand is unique and does not have to look like any other. Each must speak with its own voice.


Complex messages are disorienting. They bore. No need for detours. A brand must use clear words and simple images.


The elements of a brand must form an harmonious universe. It must be the same wherever it is projected. A messy mark is a disaster.


Brands have to speak to the soul of the people, not stay in the epidermis. Just ask: What are they afraid of? What do they want? How will they be remembered?