Our personnel.
Philosophers ask the questions to
which designers respond.
Daniel Capri
Co-founder — Creative Director
With more than 200 branding projects in his portfolio, Daniel Capri has worked as a designer, creative director and brand consultant for different agencies and studios in Mexico and the United States, where he has directed work teams and led the design of brand identities for companies with global impact.
Diego I. Rosales
Co-founder — PhD in Philosophy 
Collaborates with companies in the creation of their brand identity from the development of their verbal assets. Specialized in Philosophy of Personal Identity, he is also an editor, writer and professor at Tec de Monterrey. He is the author of the book Anthropology of Desire (Madrid, 2020) and a member of the National System of Researchers (Conacyt).
Jacobo Buerba
Adán Aguilar
Isabel González
Graphic Designer
Fernando Guerrero
Prospective Manager
Our method
We integrate an organized method to obtain magnificent brands with order, purpose and memorability.
01 Identity Session
Starting with a process of rhetoric and philosophy, we carefully study our clients and their audiences, to understand and map their motivations, their beliefs, their history and the essence of their products and services.
02 Brand Concept
After ordering and creating a conceptual system, we develop the new language that the brand will use to communicate with its audience. We design the main visual assets of the brand.
03 Brand System
We develop different applications so that the brand lives in many environments. We take care of order from a system that gives coherence. We condensed our work in a Brand Book.
—Message Mapping
—Brand Concept
—Purpose and Vision
—Tagline or slogan
—Identity Statement
—Voice Tone
—Color palettes
—Typography selection
—Illustrations and patterns
—Packaging and labels
—Social media profiles