Zentral—Living is a Real Estate company based in Querétaro, México. It resulted from the idea of combining a cosmopolitan and contemporary lifestyle with the amenities of the easy-going and local tendencies of the new generations.

Building the Foundations of the Future

We created a Monogram as an Icon that expresses the high quality of the developments of the brand and that communicates a cosmopolitan and young lifestyle.

Inspired by Piet Mondrian's geometric figures, we combined sober colors with a brilliant red.

The main goal of the company is to increase wellness and the quality of life of people. It is a brand aimed at concealing beauty and aesthetics in living environments with the​ prestige and experience of a Real Estate developer that works with the best companies. The slogan: “Founding the Future”, communicates in a simple expression the most important values of the brand. It transforms its audience in the founders of a family, a project, a house or a business. Zentral—Living triggers the desire for​ the important things in life.

Zentral—Living exists for young adults with a promissory future.

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