Hacienda los Álamos

We created a strong, sober and elegant tequila that values the dignity of the Mexican tradition and that recognizes in the fact of sharing one of the most beautiful forms of human life.

The purity of tequila is not only recognized in its color, its aroma and its flavor, but mainly in the ways of sharing it. Hacienda Los Álamos is a tequila that honors traditions, family life and great events. Of completely organic origin and delicate and elegant manufacture, this tequila is lived and felt both in the wisdom of our ancestors and in the promise of our future.​​​​​​​ We developed a logo and an illustration that pays homage to the tequila house and the space for coexistence and community that it represents. The packaging and the color palette for Hacienda Los Álamos, are classic and at the same time contemporary, they are inspired by the materials that the agave and its rural environment provide to the world. We explicitly avoided every cliché associated with Tequila, forbidding us to use elements such as agave, maguey, or the "ranchero" images. Instead, we were inspired by the elegance of the poplars that adorn the producing hacienda. This way, we created a drink to be enjoyed and placed next to other spirits in a more luxurious and refined environment.


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