asómate is an educational organization dedicated to the development of human person through the discovery and knowledge of the beauty of human sexuality. 

We worked with asómate from the very beginning of the creation of the brand concept.

We leaded the naming process and once we wrote the slogan and defined the general guidelines for the verbal communication, we developed the visual language of the new brand.

We designed an icon in permanent movement: an opening eye that gets admired on the beauty it sees, and a logotype that is coherent with the concept we wanted to transmit. 

The slogan “The Beauty of Sexuality” communicates with very simple language, their aim of speaking openly about a reality that was a tabu for many years.  Human sexuality is much more than mere corporeality. It is an amazing personal dimension that reveals the dignity and value of human beings. 

Typographic families, the color palette and the different applications we developed for the brand express this multi-dimensional aspect of human nature: our capacity to love and to be loved. 

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