A wine that pays homage to the mineral values ​​of the soil, to the most rudimentary elements of nature and to the chisel of sculpture.

The name was inspired by the alabaster, which is a mineral material for creating sculptures. Delicate and fragile, but also powerfully aesthetic, it boasts exquisite malleability. Alabastra is a wine that creates culture from the delicacy of the mineral world. Each drop is the result of artistic work, the work of a sculptor who takes care of every detail to print images on rock. The logo patterns that we developed honor the microscopic structures of the mineral realm, as well as the beauty of the world of physics, on which all human products and inventions are based. Settled in an urban aesthetic, Alabastra is a modern wine that does not propose to go back to antiquity or retain the past, but rather to take the ancestral to a new future.


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