We work in a four-stage process that triggers up to nineteen deliverables.
After introducing ourselves in the core of the brand with the help of some philosophical, semantic and linguistic insights, we develop the new visual language that will help the brand to dwell the public world.
Beginning with one creative session with the client, we trigger a process of recognition and expression of their values until we reach a reasonable diagnosis of the situation of the brand.
—Identity Session
—Message Mapping
—Brand Concept
We continue with a mood board and the development of a concept, considering aesthetic, symbolic, verbal and graphic insights. We create the core of the brand through the development of a new language able to express both the verbal and the graphic aspects of it.
—Color Palettes
—Typography Proposal
—Identity Statement
—Tagline or Slogan
—Mission and Vision

Once that the brand core is finished, we develop its universe, which will make it capable of revealing to the world. We reinforce the central assets with a verbal and graphic language that grounds a solid communication of the new identity.
—Brand Storytelling
—Illustration and Patterns
—Grid System
—Stationery Setup
—Social Media Setup

Our work ends with the edition and impression of a Brand Book which contains every element, both verbal and visual, of the brand. We also offer our clients some printing tests of the most important elements of the brand.
—Brand Manual
—Test Prints